Screen printing is the fastest and most popular way to produce a large quantity of promotional or professional garments with your design on them. The quality of the print is excellent and will last a lifetime if correctly taken care of. Each garment can be washed hundreds of times and the print will likely outlive the fabric it’s printed on. This technique is very cost effective when producing large amounts of products.

We have a minimum order of 25 garments for screen printing. If you require a smaller order size, you should consider Embroidery.

For position information and how to order online, see our Screen Printing FAQ.


Screen Printing designs are separated into individual layers by colour. Each layer is turned into a stencil or screen, and ink is then wiped across the screen and onto the product. This process is repeated for each colour, building a composite image.

Screen printing creates a durable, flexible image, so it’s perfect for uniforms, aprons, tote bags, signs and much more!



The set-up cost is a one-time fee. All other prices are per item. There is a surcharge for each high-vis or polyester item, as these items require additional preparation to avoid the design drifting. Note that these prices don’t include the product itself, only the printing. If you haven’t screen printed your design for two years, you will need to pay the set-up fee again.

To select which items you would like screen printed, please choose your products from our online store, or contact us for a quote.

Set-up Cost Price – Dark Fabric Price – Light Fabric
1 Colour $60 $4 $3
2 Colours $120 $8 $6
3 Colours $180 $12 $9
4 Colours $220 $16 $12
5 Colours $280 $20 $15
Hi-vis +$2 +$2
Polyester +$2 +$2