We specialize in embroidery, big or small. If you are looking for a great looking result but you don’t want large quantity screen printing, or if you just prefer the look of embroidery, this is the option for you. It’s a great price for that professional look, and it is very durable, often outlasting Screen Printing.

For position, font, colour options and how to order online, see our Embroidery FAQ.


Embroidery is available for most fabric products such as bags, caps, and clothing. The graphics are converted into a file that is readable by the embroidery machine which stitches the design onto the product. This creates durable and attractive results that have an embossed depth to them.



These prices are per item. We will waive the set-up costs for designs that are only text in standard fonts. Note that these prices don’t include the product itself, only the embroidery. If you haven’t had your design embroidered in the last two years, you will need to pay the set-up fee again.

Size Dimensions First Time Set-up Cost Price Per Item
Pocket 10cm x 6cm $40 $10.00
Large 15cm x 8cm $40 $15.00
Very Large 20cm x 10cm $40 $20.00
Text Only
Name 8cm x 2cm $5.00
Pocket 10cm x 6cm $8.50
Large 15cm x 8cm $10.00
Very Large 20cm x 10cm $15.00
Additional Colour +$2.00
Thick Fabric +$10.00